Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 46 Tuesday Chat

Can't wait for the chat today. It will be nice. Though I hope it starts either very early or later than normal. I have a new afterschool class schedule for my kids that will interve with me being on time at my chat. Ugh..kids come first.

Have you heard the whistle of hope in the post below. Many of you know, that I have been learning to use software that is not a typical for digital scrapbooking, however, it worked. It allowed me to build my learning curve to a more advanced level not like my friend, Heather T or any other famous designers. Enough that my DH is considering me getting me the real deal. Did I say that loud enough and from every mountain top. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! He really is and I am excited about it.

Did I forget to mention that the Az Diamondbacks stomped the stew out of the Chicago Cubs last night in Phoenix. Oh, yeah! I love it when my team makes the opposing team fans quit talking trash about my team. Gets me all revived. They have two more games to play. I hope the do a sweep on the cubs! Hay Darren Herrin, you rock as a hitter and a picther. Stephen Drew and Brandon Web get well soon. My kids are upset you are not playing.

Goals for the day:
finish cleaning living room-done
clean kitchen-done

Goals for the week:
Work on making textured ribbons for the next part of the birthday clown kit- done and posted as a freebie on the above post.
Get at least 4layouts done this week-done three to go
clean up my blog appearance (anyone got tips of making it work well together let me know).


Pamela said...

Hope you get "the real stuff." :)

Gennifer said...

Me, too! :)