Monday, April 13, 2009

Praise for a Celebratie Baseball Player

So, everyone knows my house loves to watch and take in sporting events. So, we were at the Diamond Backs game yesterday. My kids got to go first because they had a fast pass that allowed them to run the bases first before the general publicly. I have to say this that the diamond backs are truly a "family" team. so, my kids, my husband, and I waited patiently for them to have their turn. They allowed the children with disabilities, and staff kids to run the bases first. That was really cool. Then the fast passes to go.

Well, after my kids ran the bases. We, of course were leaving. There was an older kid talking to one of the players out of uniform. apparently, he asked him the player for something. The player was Catcher Snyder. Snyder was very politely declining due to it was his family time. Apparently, one of his kids got to run the bases with our kids. I almost snapped a photo of him but since I clearly heard "family time". I didn't. Its great to see a player showing that you can have fame but still have a family. I want people to respect our "family time as well".

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