Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 53 TGI Friday

the day not the resturant food chain. Though I will say its one of our favorites. Yummy just thinking about their jack daniels entrees makes me hungery. Though I shouldn't be after a run. I shoud be seriously thirsty!

Today is filled with lots of errands, doctor visits for allergies recheck and starting the process on the kiddos.

Hmm, you know what would be fun if everyone posted here what their favorite resturant(s) where and there favorite entree lines.

Okay so spread the gossip now, we are having a food positing day. If you normally lurk..don't but post. This could get really interestingly fun. Let's do an ABC resturant list.

A is for Applebee's and Auntie B's...


Creative Junkie said...

I absolutely love Macaroni Grill. And there's an Italian restaurant called Bazil that has great food as well - but I don't think it's a chain.

Love the burgers at Red Robin. And there's also a cafe type restaurant - Pelligrines maybe? They have awesome wraps.

And there's also Simply Crepes - omg, their dessert crepes are to die for.

And the potato soup at Panera - YUM.

I love to eat out!

Pamela said...

My fav is a restaurant called Bloom. But I also enjoy Chili's (Mushroom-Jack fajitas) and Red Robin (California Chicken Burger). Actually, most places I can find something I like at.

Lynn said...

oooooo food. yum! love carrabba's!

Anonymous said...

I love Olive Garden. :) Anything with the Alfredo sauce is a hit for me!