Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 51 Talkers Tuesday

Okay today is chat tuesday. Can't wait ladies and gents. It will alway be fun.

Another rough night at our house thanks to the strep bacteria. Now, we are keeping our eye on the youngest to be sure that she doesn't have as well. Since we have strep I can't finish out my last week at my job. My boss is upset but I don't mess around with strep.

Update on the to do list this week.

Finish scanning the learning worksheets for my work.-only 1/4 left to go

Finish laundry-one more load and i will be done

Find a life guard certification place that has short classes during the day-did that but its way out of the way and in a part of town dh wouldn't approve of.

Start running 5 days a week again.-started but may not attain it.
clean the house.1/4 of the way through
Scan a students picture in and play around with it for one of my kits I haven't released.
Clean my vechile out.-started but need to finish

Finish the paper pack for an associate at two peas for her kids birthday. -still working on the polka dots.

Okay, I was suppose to go to the new elementary school ice cream social last night.I called the school to inform them that I would not be attending. My child was sick. They gave me the principals email to contact her directly as well. I did so. I got an email from her saying that if I wanted too I come tour the school once the kiddos are well. She seems very personable.

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