Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Yall! The Easter bunny has come and gone at our house. Though here its not officially Easter Sunday yet but it is some where else in the world. The kids got a coloring book, a chocolate bunny, a little bank filled with bubble gum, and a great big package of markers to share. Mom and Dad got theater size box candy left at each of their computers.

Hopefully, we will all get up early enough to finally make it to church to celebrate why we have forgiveness and understanding in heaven. So, I ask each of you to please keep my family in or on your prayer list for the next 111 days. I feel God is trying to move in our lives but we have a Jacob among our family fighting God’s plan he has for us. God knows the exact need we have and why it has to be meet in the next 111 days. It's that important, so, God can use us, restore us, and mold us.

Enough of my, humble prayer request, try to make it to church, make a baseball game, make enchiladas for our special dinner, and remember that we are loved and always have a friend.

Happy Easter! Live, Love, and Laugh Always.

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