Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, its just Sunday. Lazy day other than trying to finally making it to church and getting soil for a green bean plant that the youngest brought home from school friday. We have to keep it alive at least through the start of summer..

List to do this week.

Finish scanning the learning worksheets for my work.
Finish laundry
Find a life guard certification place that has short classes during the day
Start running 5 days a week again.
clean the house.
Scan a students picture in and play around with it for one of my kits I haven't released.
Clean my vechile out.

Finish the paper pack for an associate at two peas for her kids birthday.

Hear the never ending tale of how my kids had blown drawn for their allergy tests because they had three to four viles drawn for a wide spectrum of allergians. How one got a worse bruise than the other because one's vein was smaller than the other one. How even though the youngest was scared to death, that the youngest went first and didn't give a I'm being tortured from hell screams during the draw. Thus the youngest should be entitled to any toy of the youngest choice in the store regardless of the youngest behavior. The look on my husband's face of I wish I had been there but glad I wasn't. The look from me that says he's on thin on ice and where's my freaking starbucks coffee or tea dude because I was an it widow, again.

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