Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 76 St. Patrick Tuesday

Okay, I threw up or should say had the dry heaves last night in the middle of the night from over doing after recovering from the flu. Then this morning my DH looks at me and tells me there another whole laundry list of stuff still to do before his parents arrive today. I looked at him, then spoke very angrily with these words, "If you see something that needs to be done and you know where it goes properely then put it up. You don't have to wait on me. You maybe waiting until its too late. Plus, if you don't want me to attend any activites this week then keep making me over do it this week. I won't be there which will totally bum out the kids but not you."

Then he was like don't give the flu to my parents. I am no longer running fever. I just have to be care how much stuff I do.

Needless to say all the nasty finger prints, toe prints, paint, marker, pencil, and colored pencil markes are off my walls, door jams, and door. Not to mention the kitchen. I got stuff off my cabinets the rental company said they couldn't get off them. Then I had taekwondo, clean my vechile which included detailing it as well by myself.

So, now its just laundry and clean dishes left to put up and a good vaccum. I am taking my time doing it today. I don't like waking up with the dry heaves in the middle of the night. I think an early bed time would be in store for me tonight. Since tomorrow will be a goo-goo day without dancing part.

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