Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Recap

Hockey warm up shots. I hopefully will get dh to give a copy of the photos we took from all the games. The kids want pictures of the players in their room. Its less expensive for me to do it myself than to pay at the dens for a copy of theirs.

This is where we go to see hockey in the desert. The sad part is that we have to drive an hour to watch the games.

Recap of this week...bullying, choosing schools, a death, a birthday party, a martial arts promotions test for my girlies, and the never ending job responsibilities of a mother a teacher a wife and a daughter. Enough said.

March 1st 2009 is my oh crap moment. When it hits me I only have two weeks until my in laws come to town, two weeks to get my house clean, two weeks until me and the girlies will be off for spring break, me and the girlies will have to be ready to share our time together, Two weeks until I see my nephew and his mother,and probablyy two weeks until I realize why I am so happy to live where I live. One, away from major allergians, away from drama I really don't want to be a part of, away from a lot of crime and negative news reports, and away being part of a state that was ranked number 49th for schools. You know in your heart you love your family but at the same time they drive you totally batty. Sorta like the scene from polgertist where the kids head is spinning around and green puke is flying every where. The parent loved the kid but it totally freaked her out at the same time. That is the way, it is with our family. The majority of the time we have a what is by all intense purposes a "normal" family relationship. Then there are those moments when you either feel like the little girl in that scene or you feel like the parent from the outside. Well, that's us. DH and I have decided unless we are asked we don't volunteer for much when we go home for a visit (unless its an errand to the store), and I think I am going to put a cap on the number of computer fixes DH will be doing when we go home to visit (all he did this past visit was sit at a computer installing or uninstalling programs for family and friends), and we are going to have to be more forcefull with keeping our rules of our house in place of when you get up from your spot at the table you are done eatting.

I'm sure everyone can relate to the anology of family life and relations.

Now, for the mourning part that I am still going through. I will be doing a balloon release probably by myself in loving memories. I will be finding every picture I took of the little one that passed away and putting together a memory book or pages for the director because I know that she will appreciate them. I just hope that everyone where she works at will be patience and kind with her. I pray that other students and their families coming to enroll at the school she works at will be understanding that she won't be her cheery self for awhile. I really just want to run over to her house and just continously hug her but that would probably be annoying and aggreviating at the same time. So, if you should read this I am totally here for you. {{{hugs}}}.


Audrey said...

lots going on -- but it sounds like you sorta know the drill by now: one day at a time.

Norma Kennedy said...

it can all get rather frustrating...I hear ya...hang in there !

Sunshine36616 said...

Nice hockey pics! I'd say at least you have hockey, but your Coyotes have been messing things up for you, too.