Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coyotes beat the vancover cancuck!!!

Hockey fans and critics a like would not have believed the incredible game the coyotes played tonight against a team that normally beats the stew out of us. Instead of us getting beat down, pushed around, and basically stomped all over we showed them how coyotes have survived for millions of years in the desert. When you least it expect it. We attack, and when get our meal for the day, week, or month depending on the season.

Only one fight tonight ladies and gents. The vancover team started it and got the penalty. They only got one goal in on us and it was in the last two minutes of the game. Again the new line up totally rocked not to mention on goalie.

Shane Doan tried to throw my littlest one a signed hat tonight but the a big coyotes fan next to us caught it and kept it even though you could tell it was suppose to be my kid. I can't complain, at least he say that I was pointing to a kid and the effort was made to get it to the kid.

Another plus, was that my inlaws were there watching it with us. So, they saw the potiental they had to be a winning.

Down side to the game, my DH is fussing because an older gentlement struck up a conversation about hockey with me. Asking basic hockey questions, I could answer. It was this gentleman's first ever hockey game. If I knew nothing about a sport, I'd want someone who was kind to answer my questions. He felt like I was ignoring his family. First of all they were sitting a row in front of us. Secondly, I rode in a seperate car trying to conversate with his family. I got a few tid bits here and there. Nothng that I would consider a true conversation. Unforunately, for some reason, we don't really have anything to discuss anymore. I don't know why. I don't how we began travelling down seperate paths but we have. Not really hurt by the fact, sorta use to being the odd person out. My DH fusses about my kids playing their DS but considering I made an attempt to reconnect with members of his family, they couldnt be bothered they were playing their own gadets or surfing the net on their blackberry.

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Sunshine36616 said...

I'm not sure why but I was pulling for your Coyotes, especially when they took Lu out of net. I usually like Vancouver.

That Tikanov goal was like something off of the Keystone Cops!! I don't know if you've seen the footage yet, but it showed Gretsky and you could see him look confused and say "WOW."