Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 67 Monday

It’s Monday! Its back to teaching, back to being this person that is suppose to love multi-tasking through her day like an octopus loving to pounce on its prey. NOT!!!

I would love for my DH to walk a full year in my shoes, a full year of seeing the person you love slow decay inside and away from you, a year for him to hear his children’s cries of how school is no longer a fun place to learn or how the teacher or kids are cruel. The once “excelling” school district is now trying to just get back to where it once stood. Yet, the one thing that needs to happen is that he needs to find his courage to tell the school district to get off our kids back and let them be kids. This introducing “gifted” technique to regular learning levels is crap and giving our kids self esteem issues. They need to focus on their approach for presentation of the information and how they talk to the kids in the class.

He needs to find his boots pull them on, buy that house in another town, trust God that he is making the right decision for his family, and his marriage. He needs to “trust” his wife that she has a more information on situations that are ongoing in the schools. The other parents trust her as their shoulder to lean on.

Where is this protest, soap box coming from? Well, the house we were looking into to buy has come up with some serve water damage with the presences of mold. Since, it’s a foreclosure; it’s not like buying from a person where they are responsible for paying the price to be fixed before buying. It’s literary left to the possible new owner to be fixed. He won’t even take a handy man or plumber to go look to see if there is a major or minor problem with the mold. So, I suggested buying the same floor plan house that is just down the street from this; one is being sold by the individual instead of bank. Is he going to go look at it? No! It’s not in a freaking gated community. Gated doesn’t mean safe, gated doesn’t mean there are no ex-convicts living next door to you. I feel like it’s a status quota for him instead of a home. It’s literary been one year and four days since our house sold in another state and we moved to our current location. Why he can’t stop being such a snob about things and pick a house. Seriously, every house that would work within our budget is planning to pay things off early, and be debt free he has turned his nose up at or waited too long and someone else put an offer in the house. We know we are supposed to be here in this location. The key is will he let go and Let God. Forgive me. Usually it’s a perkier, happier, and positive being from me but after a year and over 1,000 being shown to us. I have had it with the lectures, debates, and hour power conversations with his parents not me about the houses.

He thinks that me running out to get much needed groceries for the week, is a sign I don’t want to be near him or the family. Can you hear my tortured screams from the mountain top, now?

For the good news? I'm working on a freebie for April. Thank you to the two peas member who needed something. Currently its just papers and starting ribbons.

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