Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 72 Monday Realization...

I go back to work with joy in my heart and a little quick step of happiness. For my husband finally saw the double standardiness that his family has for us. It took a week of being put down to a degree, being ignored, and having them refuse to go to one activity but he finally saw what had me so upset.

Yesterday was Dave and Buster's then we were suppose to go home after that. Did we? No. We when shopping. They tried to force the ugliest bathing suit on my kids yesterday. Thank goodness they run really small for that store. Then they tried to get one of my picky dressers to get some shirts she didn't want. She finally just said, "I don't want them. I like this stuff instead." Thank goodness my kid had a the patience and timed it just right. Then my DH plainly told his family that his kids were too tired to shop. He would like to take them home.

His parents said,"they wanted to buy my kids stuff". My DH was poised enough to say, "today isn't the day for this." So, instead of going home we went into BArnes and Noble. The kids got some quiet time. One played with the train set and the other read. We finally concided to letting his parents buy them some reading books.

MY kids have finally reached a conclusion of their own. They have too much stuff. One keeps saying we need to donate their old toys to charity. Hmmm...not in even in junior high yet but really smart.

My DH exploded in the car when we left. He goes," I am so sick and tired of having double standards in my family its not right." I replied, "Maybe we shouldn't apply double standards to our family then." He turned and looked at me, "He goes we do?" I said, " uh, we do. We don't work as a team in this house, its one way or the highway. Not nice to have it done to you now." He got quiet after that. I kinda let out my frustrations after that.

Then we had our grilled dinner with his Aunt. Needless, to say, the rest of the family picked up on this "double standard". They felt our pain. What's so sad, is they don't realize that its tearing the family apart.

Then I twisted my foot and ruined my rocker flip flops. They don't make these flip flops any more. so, I can't replace them.


Creative Junkie said...

dealing with extended family is so hard, especially when kids are involved. I'm sorry you're going through this.

Gennifer said...

Aww, man. I hate it when perfectly good shoes die.

I'm glad your week is starting over... :) Even you, with your great positive attitude, needs a break once in a while!