Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 82 Monday Slave grind...

Its Monday what can I say. I could not get up to run this morning. To tired from being woken up by my entire family crawling into bed with me last night, and the wonderful allergy treatments are wearing me out.
What is it that guys get really strange when they know their family is coming into town or they are taking their family to see their family members? I don’t know. It’s really frustrating and hard to see their side of an issue when they themselves are not doing the same thing. It’s like they have no pride in themselves. So, I put my foot down last night with my DH. I refused to do something he wanted. He threatened not to celebrate out annivesry this weekend with me. At that point, I really didn’t care. I was sick of him saying, “do as I say not what I do crap.”

Now for the really good hockey game with the Phoenix Roadrunners. I wished we had discovered them way before the Phoenix Coyotes. The Roadrunners are hungry for the game and play it to win it. Even though lost they actually play better than the coyotes. They only lost by two points but they went after it hard core. It was awesome, plus the game tickets are far more affordable then Coyote tickets as well. It was very enjoyable for the kids and us. Plus, no TV commercial interruptions…the momentum of the game could continue.
Its Monday, its back to the slave grind, I’ve decided to be cold as ice to the teachers that are causing me problems. I am just going to focus on the kids that I am teaching is the best solution. If they come into my class room I going to ask them to leave immediately.

Thanks creative Junky for your the others that posted gennifer and to others from two peas. Thank you. Creative junkie go ahead post your layout link or email it. I can't award a prize to it but it will be fun to exhibit.

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