Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rock Love Eposide

Okay this third season generally has me turned off for watching. Though having the flu and my sleep schedule screwed up, I am generally channel surfing. So, I see Rock of Love. I think why not? I was shocked to see that the girls applying for the position of "girlfriend" of Bret Michaels lost a kid. He walked right out of the pool area unnoticed by the girls. As a mom, a pool supervisor, and a teacher I got really angry about this. Pools and water are fun in general but you always count heads when in the pool regardless of the fact its on national tv. Not once did I see a person count heads. If it weren't for the Nanny Cam installed by Bret and his right hand man Big John they would have "lost" a kid. If those ladies worked at the summer camp I worked at they would be fired on the spot. Seriously, one of these ladies is a mom on the show. For sure I thought she would do a good job. She started off hot then hit rock bottom like a drug junkie needing a fix.

Geez, folks you want credit for having a brain. Then use it. Thank goodness for the nanny cam. Good job Bret!

Didn't finish watching the eposide. I wanted to puck!

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