Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 71 Tuesday

So, this isn’t technically Tuesday, as I am typing this. I am so angry I could use every cuss word in the dictionary plus some right now.
I am so mad about my in-laws visit. All I heard was why didn’t you brush their hair, why can’t they have this, or they even made suggestions on how to decorate a possible house that my DH and I are looking at purchasing because if you are entertaining people they don’t want to look at a tread mill. First of all, my DH and I haven’t entertained guests in almost nine years. When we do entertain, we rarely use the inside unless it’s too cold to be outside. Secondly this isn’t the freaking south yall!!! Here in the desert most people are to busy worrying about keeping the dust out of their houses, and enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Not what name brand of decorations are in the house or if you work out. If I said anything like they said to me, I would have gotten chew the hell. Told I was rude and didn’t respect their self style and please don’t do that again. Why or why or why…do they have to do it to me? I hate and can’t stand DOUBLE STANDARDS. Right now, I want to tell them to go screw themselves. My home with my DH and me, we do things our way whither they like it or not. They can deal with it or go home. Seriously...folks this isn’t belevery hills 90120 or One Life to live TV set or cast. It’s real freaking life.
I have to say this; I am proud to say I work out and take care of my body. I am not ashamed to say I have to work at it. If more people stood and said, “Hay, it takes x number of hours to maintain the physical appearance I have”. Then maybe just maybe designers might design clothing on a budget that fit the normal “sized” beings. Then just maybe we might stop being so artificial with each other and achieve piece.
I took my kids out to breakfast on Monday morning before school. I needed to heal their very hurt feelings that not only their grandparents but also their aunt caused. They were allowed to say anything they wanted about them and get out their system. I also told them they acted better than the older adults in the family gathering. That, mommy and daddy were very proud of them for being polite but standing up for themselves; it’s really ashamed that my kids act better than the grownups in this family. I know I can go tell everything they said about them because what would a secret keeper be if he or she can’t keep a secret.

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