Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coyotes vs Ducks

If there was a batman, I'd be addressing this post directly to him and robin right now. They are in over time. Its still tied 2 to 2 even with a shoot out. Its a third shoot out. My DH is missing this live. OMG!! Ducks just won over the coyotes. All I can say is the Coyotes played some awesome serious champion hockey. I don't care if they lost. I care they made it to the shoot out. They kept tied until the very last second with Duck player name ryan won it.

MY boys, I am proud to see you playing some killer hockey right now. I can't believe how much you guys have improved within a few weeks since the draft trade. Maybe next year you guys can be fighting for the division title.

See you guys Saturday, with my family. Please win!

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