Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 77 Spring Break Monday

Spring cleaning for the next two days. I have the "family" coming in from the "friendly" south. A word about southerns, we are great about putting on facades about how things are because we are brought up to "hide" all problems that its not polite to air our "dirty" laundry to the world. Well, southerns need to get over it. Secrets will kill your ability to have a good job or keep a good job, maintain or get a good relationship with someone. That's why I'm dying to tell my husband that I have a blog and sponsoring my challenges. He originally wanted me to open my own message board and get sponsors for it. Well, I have my own blog which is pretty close.

So, once they the "family" gets here. What are we the mafia? Don't think so. We are a middle class family working for everything we got. We appreciate what we have and the family we have. Its non-stop go-go plans without dancing which truly sucks because my kids and i love to dance together. Can you tell we will be trouble once they hit teenage years.

Have you seen my latest projects? I have been a busy bee digitally speaking. I am really proud of my Fallen layout. The picture was originally taken as an example to draw my own lamp/post for a digital kit to be released but I haven't been able to digital design anything for a few months. I still need to release this month's kit. Maybe, this morning or today I can get it release. The shoe project is based as my third blog based challenge with a two peas gift certificate in the balance for some lucky winner. Who ever wants it, enter it. It was fun to do. I got to know me as person better and why I choose something.

library-book report project due after spring break
clean up in the living area and kitchen
Dollar tree-need a good vechile was cheep
wash vechile inside and out

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