Sunday, March 8, 2009

sunday recap

Well, it’s Sunday the start of a new week. It’s started alright. Let’s see instead of going to church we have hunted of a house within our price range and needs, ran out for groceries, starting a hockey game on TV, and will be attending a hockey game this evening.
Let’s recap this past week.
Monday, sick day for me, recovering from another stomach virus.
Tuesday, back to the same schedule, very fatigued from being sick. I figured out how to follow my friend’s blogs without having to check the blog threads on the boards.
Wednesday, ambushed by a parent that I was totally put into a state of shock from. Yes, cried for hours, upset for days, the reality of the situation is that the people involved are not mature enough to realize the mistakes they are making, the parent involved doesn’t realized that she has a spy working for her that also will talk back about her to make herself look good, and neither party realizes that I see through their façade. My pain isn’t over the ambush but for their own personal immaturity and inability to see the truth. As it is said, the truth shall set you free; the truth is that the other parents in the school are very pleased by my teaching. They want me teaching their children. All that matters is the children that do need my help. Not this family. Let’s not forget the staff meeting where I came off as a *cough** witch with an attitude about some things. Yet, no listens or cares so why should I even attend a freaking staff meeting from now on*eyes are seriously rolling around my head*.
Thursday, I wanted to vomit everywhere from what I witness for unhealthy practices by some teachers in another room. Though, I sick and tired of having to be a one that says anything to anyone about health and safety protocols. I am not paid to be a director nor do I want the position. It’s all yours, dear.
Friday, sick day for me again, this time one of my kids caught stomach virus; along with my allergy testing which was nice to finally have answers as to why I seem to have a quote, “cold” all the time.
Saturday, let’s see my kids Saturday class, home lounge day, wii family night. My DH beat the game again. I released a challenge for those that want to participate in it.
That’s about it.

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