Monday, March 2, 2009

Fireproof the Movie

Okay, I have to say this movie its amazing. It simply openned my husband's eyes and my eyes to our faults in our marriage. even before we started watching the movie, he made a point to be kinder, to make sure our kids knew I deserved his time too, and that he has begun (again) to make an effort to make a point to be helpful around the house.

I have a fireproof challenge. Everyday I will make a point to list a virtue which will help your relationship with your partner stronger. i want you to post a reply to how you applied that virtue to your relationship in your marriage. This way we can be helpful to each other by giving new ideas or forgotten ones to us that want a successful marriage.

Challenge #1 Pray for your partner even if you are not praying person. If you are even looking for a partner. You must for that partner before they are even found. Pray that you are the person you are suppose to be in that relationship. To make the changes in your heart to be that person.

My answer : Its very hard to do that at times for my husband due to my own stubbornness and hurt feelings. I still try to at least ask God for his protection and for my mind and heart to be open to his side of the story. Example: we are not agreeing on allergy tests for our kids. Yet, we both know we need to have that done. I am going to offer to have the test done first with is prescences so he can see that they no longer prick the skin just drop the liquid on the skin. You sometimes have to lead by example.

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