Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 81 Tuesday..

Today I was supposed to go for a run this morning again. Guess what? I couldn’t physically get out of bed again. I was in bed by 7:30. I literary have no energy currently. I even put my kids in the bed with me. So, they would go to sleep on time themselves.
DH was another business phone call. Why all of sudden he can’t be the dad and husband he use to be is beyond me. He then told me that we may not have money to go celebrate our anniversary. I’m like we have money for hockey games but not our anniversary? Continuing the love dare thing is so hard right now. Praying for him, doing nice things for him, is taking everything in my body including mentally.
Today at least I get off early to go run, we have another after school class for the kiddos, and a play for one of the kids tonight.
Okay yesterday, after having a rather rough weekend, I was done emotionally. The two teachers at my school have been picking on me decided to really lay into me. They wouldn’t stand in my door way during nap time, they wouldn’t help me with getting supplies when I needed them and then they decided to confront me by saying that I didn’t use my manners and I wouldn’t give them the juicy details of my life then they weren’t going to be any help any more. So, I call up front then decided to cancel it. The director sent someone to the back to talk with me. She couldn’t believe it either. Apparently, when they got off from work she took the two outside and really yelled at them for being mean not just to me but to everyone in the center. She lost it. I didn’t want them to get yelled at, just to leave me alone. I need everyone to just give me a few weeks to get over this hump.
I’m not going to be my perky normal self for awhile.

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