Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coyotes beat the brunes!!!!

HOLY COW!!! They beat them 2 to 1. The new guy upshall is awesome. I like the guy already.

Our Tichvanav (SP?) kept getting penalities left and right. Whoa...the figter on the team? I don't think so. He needs to play more hockey then fight. To tell the truth the whole team needs to play more hockey less fighting unless the other team brings to their front door.

This was one win no one expected them to get. They beat the number one team in the east league. I can't believe. Growing up it was the brunes. WE all rooted for the brunes. They have been and currently are the top team. Now to tell my family my team beat the brunes. A good note for an awful week.

Way to go coyotes.

Oh Carcillo my little one misses you. Little one says you rock the world.

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