Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 68 Field Day Friday and .....

a change in work week schedule. Yes, folks you heard me right. A change. I really don't mind. It gives an extra day to deal with bills, laundry, groceries, and other errands that it takes to run a household, and be a mom. So, instead of working five days a week part time. I work four days a week part time. No biggie. I actually volunteer to do it. I started counting the number of kids that had dropped out of our program this month. They were not in my class because the parents in our class are either working two jobs, or they get assistance for their kids to attend. The losses happened in other classes. yet, those losses do affect the overall ability to work for others. We lost approximately or is it better to say an estimated 6 students this week. The reason either loss of employment or they parents felt they x teachers (remember them, those that were driving me literary insance with their unproffessional behavior) weren't effectively teaching their kids enough during the day. Yes, the one thing that they were warned would happen is happening. So, now I can't work on fridays thank to them. Friday is movie day in our room. The day the kids have break from formal learning and chill out with a movie. The we do some deep cleaning too!

Enough about work.

Field day for our youngest is today. Its going to be so much fun. I had a blast Wednesday with our oldest. It was totally fun and sweaty. so, paparazzi mamma will be in full mood today.

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