Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Savings and Sports Day

Well it’s Saturday again. Another weekend full of activities sports wise for us. Free tickets to the very last Roadrunners hockey team game ever, tonight at 7pm. Today, a free science lab for the kids, then their regular Saturday class with their master.

I am going to leave you with some money saving tips for grocery and time. This allows me more time to digitally scrapbook and work on other projects for the kids as well. Now, take a look at your pay days, your activities in between those pay days, then create a simple menu for you to eat. Seriously, this works out so nicely. My DH and I have stopped doing this over the past few months. Guess what our grocery bills went from being under $120 per two week period close to $200 for a family of four. Also, grab those grocery ads ladies and gentlemen. Look for what you use regularly or are part of your recipes. If they are on sale, price matches and uses coupons at Wall-mart. We’ve done this repeatedly in the past. We walk out of there with grocery bill under $120 for a family. I just did this, this morning. I have to say I found milk cheaper than Wal-mart, baby carrots under a $1.00, and cereal 4 for $4.00 (I also have coupons for these cereals). We will be doing grocery shopping. Now, grant it, I added a few things I normally don’t get because they were on sale for under a $1.00. So, if you are looking to save time and money….this is a great way. Thanks to the book America’s Cheapest Family it reminded to rely on my creativity and good decisions for shopping.

Below is the second layout, I did for the decorative edge challenge on two peas in a bucket site for the weekly digital challenge.

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