Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 80 Wednesday..hump day again...

Okay its 3:45 am. I can’t sleep. My head hurts. My youngest is sick with a fever, throwing up mucus, and the doctor can’t see my child until tomorrow at 3 pm. Isn’t live grand?

Last night was my oldest kid's play, which we got front row seats because I volunteered to cut over 50 bug wings out for this thing. Do you know what? They only acknowledged those that put in more than 20 hours of volunteer work on the show. I felt a little insulted by that because us working parents who do stuff at home should be recognized as well. I don’t want to be called out publically but a little thank you would have been nice to all the working parents who came and volunteered.

So, I sent my DH a text message yesterday. I letting him know that getting a house wasn’t going to solve our relationship situations that we are having that we needed to work things before moving. He was like what situations? It’s not fair that you hit me with something that should be said face to face. When honey? When? So tonight we are going to have ourselves a little chat because I seriously can’t take it anymore. Then he was like you never freaking give me credit. I’m like yes I do. You just don’t ever hear me say it because you never listen to me. Now, that I put my foot down about our relationship, we all of a sudden have money to go out to eat together for our anniversary; I am not complaining by any means. Trust me, for what I understand that this is the longest marriage he has had ever in his life.

Then he is a has been house hunting outside this area that we are currently living in. So, he has found some very nice neighborhoods with houses in it that are gorgeous within our price range and that if we moved there I could stay home again and work on my digital designs and not be rushed here and there. We are going to go look at them.

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Aly D said...

having sick kids is not fun. hope everyone is feeling better soon.