Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 83.....Friday

Okay good news the coyotes seriously won the game against the brunes. I didn't think they would win. I grew up with everyone rooting for the brunes. They are an extremely good team. It was such a good surprise that they won.

Then DH and I got into a fight. I told him we sounded just like the fireproof movie. He got very ugly. He just doesn't get. Then I guess he calmed down and felt bad. He still woke me up in the other room to check on me. Tip to others in a relation, if you your partner storms off quietly, goes to bed after crying in front of you then maybe if you wake her or him when they have a killer headace its a good thing to say your sorry. They weren't lying its the hardest thing to do the love dare /fireproof marriage thing. I have to tell you I feel like I have been left behind in a fire currently. Though I won't give up. I don't think my dh was really upset over the issue we were arguing about but money issue and finding a house.

Then my oldest last night just started screaming and grabbed the tummy area off and on for about 30 minutes. Then it hit...horrible diaherra. So, she won't be going to school today. I am not like a typical parent. If my child is truly sick the night before..they are not sent to school in the morning.

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