Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 84 Ambush Recovery...

yesterday I was basically set up for an ambush by a parent by other teachers who are upset that they lost their teaching position in my room. They were relocated to another room. They have been talking to parents only giving them half the information on the situations that occur in my room. They are given messages from those parents to give to either me or the director but do not give those messages to use on how the parents want their children taught. I do have a few ideas of how they are getting the information that they are but I will only discuss it with my director.

I spent the majority of yesterday in tears. My class was in shock to see a parent talk in such a ton in front of them and refuse to go to the director's office for a more formal discuss in an adult manner. It left my kids confused, dismayed, and upset by the unadult behavior by the parent. The children wanted to know why I was upsset. I simply told them I was very sad. They told me that it was okay and that they liked being my class and I was their teacher.

I truly feel bad for these teachers because one day what they are doing to me will occur to them. Then they will realize only then what jerks they have been in the past to others. Will they ever change? Probably not. AM I the first to be their victim? Probably not? Is this a test in my faith to allow God to deal with them? Yes. Is it hard, yes!

I have I cried many times over the past few months about the situation. Yes. Do I trust them with my own kids. Never.

I only have several options none of which I care to opennly discuss currently.

What am I doing about it? applying the fireproof /lovedare challenges to all situations in my life.

Coyotes traded four players yesterday. they got use some serious players supposedly. I can't wait to go see them play tonight.

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