Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sports Saturday

Well, let's see the rest of the family from the sout got in fine. We did not meet up for the exhibition of skateboarding for the older grandchild that was planned by the grandparents. We all sorta just hung out in our own houses and rested. Apparently this spring hasn't sprung any new forms of engery source for powering not only cars and houses but people as well.

Today Chase Field Tour for Diamond Backs Baseball. This evening hockey for the Coyotes. I hope the hell they play like they have been playing and fans go freakin insane with they make a goal.

As for the saga of our cell phone displeasure well it will be over next week. Needless to say the corporation we use has a customer loyality department that apparently handles situations like we have experienced. New cell phones are shipped and another year of service has been agreed to. It will be neat to see just how good our new phones are.

okay got to run..for some apparent reason...sleeping causes sweat and sweat causes a need for a daily shower.

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Katherine (Aussiekat) said...

LOL - we're watching basketball tonight ... quite a sporting weekend for us both! Psssttt ... check out the scraplift challenge at 2Ps - I've posted my page! *** wink ***