Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday Outtings and Sightings..

Okay so officially its not Sunday yet were I am at. Though it is Sunday, where the rest of you live. So, I am not asleep yet. I had to do my posts for the tag praise game this week for two peas in a bucket. I wanted to start it off right. I added a bonus layout to simply tell a friend I have missed her presence on the board. Your absences have been noticed.

So, today in about six to fours depending on where you leave, we are suppose to go to LPGA tour that is in town this weekend(all of this caffine free but not sugar free drinks). A co-worker in the type of business that my DH does has free tickets for it this weekend. He offered them to DH. We went last year, thanks to the same individual. The kids got a signed golf ball from one of the women golfers. She was really nice. She got them interested in playing golf. Though, DH is exhausted this is the time of year to get out and do things in the desert climate. By the end of May, it’s too hot the majority of the time to be outside for too long. So, after we do the golf thing we still have grocery shopping to do. Not to mention stocking up on items like toilet paper, and napkins. Those are really important to have when you have kids.

Sorry, this isn’t witty or funny to my readers. It’s a way past my bedtime, my brain is shut down mode for the night, and frankly my fingers hurt from typing off and on for over 40 minutes. So, I will greet and meet you lovely readers later on in the day.

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