Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 79 Thisthle Thursday

Another day home sick, plus guess what…DH and I are starting to feel icky. This is our second year in a row on our or right at our anniversary that we have gotten sick with our kids. Not happy. So, not time away from the kids to discuss anything. What’s worse is he doesn’t get it at all that it’s important that you have time away from the kids. He doesn’t even seem hurt by the fact. I’m so depressed by his lack of interest in keeping the relationship “healthy”. I just imed him to let him know that celebration is delayed. He still doesn’t get it. He still insists that we go, and wants further discussion. Can you see my eyes rolling far back in my head while I fight to keep from vomiting right now? He doesn’t get it.
Now, we know how nasty germs are spread.

Here’s a preview peek at my shoe challenge layout that I am doing. I hope to get all three pages completed by Sunday night. I hope you like it.

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glitzen said...

Awwww, I'm sorry. I hate it when dh doesn't get it. Which is often but he's just a MAN, and cannot help it. Hee hee.
Hope it all worked out!