Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 75 Spring Break Wednesday

Well, the family arrived safe and sound from the south. They look very frazzled, very tired, and frankily could of used a margarita or a hot totty with dinner then bed. Our Aunt and Uncle made a terrific dinner which had ham, cuccus (sp), salad, tomatoes, rolls and brownies. It was the first meal, I acutally felt like eatting and have kept down in a week. I don't like "re-eatting" my food like a cow. I am not a cow.

They brought the new chauchau movie the girls have been waiting to see forever.

Today we are waiting for them to wake up, get some help with a science project of diaraham of snow cycle, and take the kids to the park. Other than that have an easy day. I really need to start laundry but I am enjoying just lounging around this morning.

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