Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 33 Friday freak out

because my DH is actually going to go house hunting again this weekend. Though he is insisting we live in a gated community for some strange reason. OMG!!! Why? I don't want my kids growing up to be like the snobby, witchy kids that they encountered this year in school. Who for some odd reason totally forgot all the golden rules and the character pledge they are required to learn at school. Hay, school adminstrators, making them say the pledge isn't working. The kids whoo really need a good shift kick in the the bottom are not going to get it at home and they sure the hell aren't getting it from you. Yet, you come down my kids and treat them like they are trash when they have more respect for authority than your precious student council. Wake up, get out of your awful fanasty that the kids you picked this year for elementary student council should be on it. Half the crew are bullies, they don't care about pleasing you or the meaning of responsibility or being kind or caring. They just like having the freaking bragging rights over other students. As for your school for being a nuturing place for learning that a bunch of cow and horse crap. My kids come home and cry every night about the things that go on there. They cry that if we (my husband and I) were up there we would be putting everyone including the adminstrators in the responsibility room. Sorry for my tanturm, I just don't want my kids to turn into beings as stated above. House hunting is great because this means if we find something in the gated community, my husband will put an offer in on it. Then over the summer we get to move out of this school district into a new school district and a more family friendly community.

So, today my DH is refusing to let me get a new pair of running shoes, or take me out to lunch even though I saved his tail 1,500 dollars yesterday. Though he has a good point both our oldest kid and he have to have dental work done which will cost the equivilant to the money we just saved. Though why not the lunch, I believe he is planning on talking with mortgage firms to find us a good mortgage rate and officer to deal with.

Now, for the kicker of all things, a house we put a bid a few months and withdrew an offer on is back on the market and get this will be auctioned off in June or July 2009. Frankily, I can see why no has bought it.

Now, for the PSE or PS cs debut in our house. Yes, PSE is cheaper and easier to use. DH won't touch it with a ten foot pole. He only wants PS cs (photoshop creative suite) that will be purchased through a co-worker who has a discount on multiple orders. Ladies and Gents, when i do get this I will definitely be anouncing a party on line chat/crop at two peas lead by me. It will be so freaking goofy it won't be funny because our side splittin laughs will be heard around the world.

Today's to do's:

Finish getting ready to run errands (yes, I am towel head right now)-doone
Transfer funds so I can get gas-done
take kids to school-done
dollar tree-done
home to unload-done
possible lunch with DH if he is done with mortgage firms-done
home unload groceries-done
either pick up said DH or DH pick up said me for school release-done
homework (*&&%&&*^*$$@#$ end of the year book reports)-gave the kiddo the night off
Dinner -thinking about it..working up motovation to make it
Scrapbook -one page two to go

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