Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 23 School's out for the summer

no more teacher's dirty looks, no more books, and when I pick my kids up early they will run faster than a demon being chased by angel out of the school for some serious chill time. Oh don't misjudge the statement above, I fully believe chilldren need a good education but they also need a good balance of fun and chillin time too. That is what the summer is good for.

We are suppose to go do something fun after I pick them up. My oldest wants to go grocery shopping for some rachel ray ingridents /recipes to make at the house, plus snacks for my DH. MY dh wants to go to the movies then a baseball game. I said the baseball game was enough.

So, excited that we can just chill, deal with doctor's appointments for the youngest now,dental for the oldest, and hunt for a house in between all the appointments.

Aly -thanks for the comment on the blog. I'm not done with plastic surgery yet. I am going to be playing around with it for awhile.


Audrey said...

I taught for 6 years before moving to the university level for grant work -- and I agree, summer break is definitely necessary!!!

Courtney said...

Summer break is so nice! My kids are getting out next week. Hey Sam I know I am up soon for the priase game but I don't know when I am suppose to go. Do you have the schedule?