Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 41 Tuesday Tilt

Okay after being really upset with the school district. My Dh and I decided that our child that has a food allergy can eat the school food. The child was able to tell what food that was allowed and what food was not allowed at the birthday party this weekend. Teacher agrees with me that the said child will be fine eatting in the cafeteria and that the child can speak for herself.

To everyone wondering what was up with the blog. Its underconstruction again. So, just bear with me and use your hard hats when visiting the blog over the next month. It will be on going a face lift per say.

Today's to do list:

Take kids to school-done
Post office run-done
Library run-done
do all mirrors/windows with windex-done
pick kids up from school-done
dinner -done
afterschool class-done
Tuesday chat-done

Weekly To do list:

Scrapbook four pages-three remaining
Finish cleaning up blog

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