Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 27 memorial Day Monday

Thank you to all our soliders and their families for their sacrifice they make so we may have the freedom to speak freely, worship freely, and be the individual people that we are all suppose to be.

A very special thank you to our friend who did his time in Iraq. Thank you! You and your family are appreciated and loved.

Yesterday we found the perfect house in my opinion to get, however, its out of our price range that we have agreed as a couple to pay. PLus, the only tub in the house is in the masterbedroom. This means the kiddos will be using my tub until they move out. I just wish the bank would come down a bit on the amount they want. We even tried looking in a different community thinking it would give us the size house we want for the price we want to pay. NOpe..its not. I'm sure if we asked for assistance from family on the down payment we could get it. Expect my Dh and I don't like going into debt to anyone. So, keep your prayers going up, your fingers crossed, and keep checking back in to see the progress we are making.

Today is the baseball game at Chase Field. I can't wait. We get to sit in the all you can eat section. It will be good to see what the view is and if they food is half way descent but not healthy. I can get all the drink I want though.

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