Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 43...Tgi Friday

and am I in that mood ever.

So, you all know that I have been diagnosised with serve allergies. That we suspected the kids had food allergies though the "blood test" screen basically came back negative. Yet, the past three days, my youngest has been breaking out in a horrible rash/hives all over her face and body. LIke I said, I am a typical mom that usually says oh its heat rash because we do live in the desert. Expect it didn't go away. it was still present even after being inside and cooling down. Not as serve. she would wake up with rash but just not as a neon sign saying something is very wrong. More like a light bulb burned out and needing to be replaced type of rash.So, after three days of this, I put my foot down. I phoned the doctor in an almost, I have lost my mind state of voice, got an appointment but then changed my mind and wanted to send cell phone pictures into her office instead. They were like, nah come in right now. WE want to see that silly monkey today. so, instead of cooking dinner and leaving for their afternoon class, I spent that time seeing doctor, discussing treatment plans, and trying to figure out how to keep the youngest from eatting oranges or anything with a citrus acid base or drinking at school.

Now, with this all and anything that is made with a citrus acid base must be removed from our home including any recipes involving the said use of this.

Okay, now for the kicker of it all. Swine flu, yes, folks it has affected our area in the form of "panic control" by our local government and school officals. I am worried about it no. Have I insisted on more handwashing with soap and warm water? Yes. Do I think there is anything to truly be concerned about? Yes and NO. yes, as in we need employers to be more insistent that their employees stay home when sick, we need employors to be more insistant that employees with children stay at home with their sick ones or even make it to where a bonus is given they telecommunicate and get their work done. No, as in they just released this morning that this "strain" of flu virus lacks the protien to reproduce. thus, only fueling the conspiracy theories that this was a biological warefare or a test to see if either a governement or a terrorist group could knocked another's country's authority system. Well, no it hasn't yet. The funny thing about this is that it only hit the areas where the drug lords have a lot of control in Mexico. The only causes reported here in the United States were citizens that went on holiday in those said areas. Just makes you want to go hmmm...doesn't it. Well, thant goodness that we have free speech here. Else I might just find myself in a prison some where if I lived in another country.

Enough of my soap box lecture, I seriously don't want to run my only readers. Love you gals and guys.

Today's list:
Actual mail bills that I wrote today (oops did I say that aloud)
Take kids to school
Go Grocery shopping
Unload said groceries
Try to partitake in some of chats at two peas nsd
Cook dinner

Week's List:
Finish the remaining layout on my week list(gennifer i'm sending you peamail with my email addy I wanna send this one)
Post digital kit credits on my blog- yes I will take any help I can get on the header, I will be contacting you later.

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