Friday, May 22, 2009

What are they thinking?

Okay, so the rumor has it that my mother-in-law wants to come out here in June 2009. She was just here in March 2009. It wasn't a very fun visit at all. In fact it was miserable visit. Everyone hated it. They were sick, we were sick, and no one got along. I mean it was not like the family fued game on television it was down right crappy as in the cuss word for what comes out the back end of animals and humans. Kinda of distguishing but that is the only way I could described those 5 days together. Typically, we get along great but ever since we moved out here to our new state there has been tension between us (my Dh and I) and his family. I don't understand it. Its quit frustrating.

Now any time before or after, June and July the desert is a great place to come visit and live. Once June and July hits, you usually carry a bottle of what every where. I mean every where including the bathroom depending where you are. If you feel like you are feeling ill, the government and I do mean the government has hydration station set up on the side of the road to ensure and to prevent dehydration deaths, and heat stroke. It generally gets to be around 115-120 from about 9 am to 7 pm. So, its critical that you drink, and I am not talking about a good strong alcohol drink. I mean water. the plain jane stuff that either comes out of the tap or in a bottle you buy. This is how serious the dry heat is around here. They continual put warnings out over the television and radio to either stay inside or take lots of water with you.

So, not only are they planning to come back out here but they expect me to take off a week from my counseling position at a local camp for a week to babysit them. Its not just a visit, its a visit to quote,"help us hunt for a house". LIke we are a bunch of freaking minors not knowing how to hunt for a house that we would like to live in. First of all, we have bought and sold two houses already. Secondly, this is our house. We have a general idea of what we want, how big it really needs to be, and where we want to buy it. THirdly, this is not a time of year to bring more eldery people out here. What in tarnations are you going to do with the elderly family members that you intend to bring with you? THey can't come house hunting with us. It will literary either put them in the hospital or kill them.

Don't volunteer me for painting the said house you think we need. I am not a piece of property or your employee, i am human being with feelings that you are have been on stomping and invading. Don't volunteer me going back to work so we can get a monster of a house that will bankrupt us. We don't want a monster house. This isn't the freaking south where you have to put on facades by entertaining. Your son is a hermit and hates to entertain unless its his idea.

So, conclusion, you are not thinking my dear family. You are trying to control something you have no control over. When its suppose to happen it will happen. If you interferre before our home comes in then it won't be our home or letting destiny have its way. There are repercussions for trying to interfere when you are not suppose to. Take your own advice, let go it will happen at the right time; there is no control expect that which is given to us. We are not giving you control because no one seriosly has control.

I hope I don't sound like a freaking idiot.

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