Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 42..Monday Mundane

Okay so today I finally get to go shopping with half the budget we originally started list and half the list I made. Very upset with dh currently!

Today is not a happy day in our house because of the budget short fall. sounds like the government to a degree. Maybe because we have idiots running the finanical department of the government. Maybe they need to do the same thing we the people have to do..cut back government spending. Sorry for the sermon just not a happpy camper.

To do list today:
Make lunches-done snobby hubby wouldn't take his ..
Take kids to school -done
Grcoery shopping-done
unload grocery shopping-done
clean bathrooms-started
pick kids up-done

Week's to do list:

Do a layout for tomorrow's chat! -didn't get done
Do four more layouts
List digital design credits and contact the nice pea who said the would help me fix the header.

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