Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 34 Thursday Thumble Numble

Okay so this morning is not going so great. While i left much earlier than normal for a run. My youngest is still waking up at 5 something in the morning and waking up my crew while i am with others at the gym.

So, maybe getting back into tae kwondo will be good for the child. More sleep!

Okay so you all know my total frustrations with the doctor's offices right now. Needless to say my day will be filled with phone calls to insurances, doctor offices, and with my DH keeping him up dated on the different statements about our youngest.

Did you see the layout I got done for the celebrate seasons challenge. Yes, I know i left the word Up out. I think faster than I can type.

Today's to dos':
make dh a lunch-done
get kids ready for school-done
take said kids to school-done
call dr office-done
reclean living room/dining area-started kids will finish picking up the living room
do laundry-started
make grocery list-done
find out bills due-dh ignorantly told me not too..when will he learn to budget better
get approval for my new running shoes for tomorrow-told no argggg..I need a new pair.
pick up said kids from school-done
run by approved lab for blood draw-done
get two of my family members ready and out the door for baseball game tonight-cancelled
set recording for csi las vegas-done

Week's to do's:
Finish layouts-got five more to do!
finish face lift for blog-worked on it.

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