Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 31 Tuesday chatter box

Today my only goal is to clean and detail my vechile. It will take a couple of hours to do so. Though, if we get a house. I might be getting a brand new honda fit. My DH hasn't decided yet what he is going to do. I'd rather get a jeep with 4 x 4 capabilities. The one that I spotted is only about about $40,000 brand new. So, for right now getting that jeep is on the back burned. I have always liked jeeps. I wanted a Grand Jeep Cherokee Limited Edition when I graduated high school. I still haven't gotten it.

I am really excited this morning. A parent at the afterschool class had dslr by cannon. She was letting her son take pictures with it. He first I would have to use a lot of my features in paint.net to make look good. Then she took a shot. It looked really good. then they both took pictures of my kids doing tae kwondo. She is supposed to email them to me. They will good. She can definitely take a good picture.

Then Dh went to the bank. Where we live we have to be pre-approved for a loan for a house. When some credit payments hit, it bumped the score up, so, qualify for a better loan rate. Now, to get DH to actually go a "hunting" for a house.

To do list:
Take kids to school-done
go for a run-done
go clean van-done
come home clean up-done
get kids from school-done
snack dinner homework-done
afterschool classes-done
bed-headed there

This week's to do's:
Finish christmas layouts
blog banner
Design word art for Freebie

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