Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Screaming Disappointment

Okay remember how I said we where going house hunting today. The realtor emailed George last night. He said three-fourths of the house we wanted to look at where already under contract, one was priced for a bidding war (DH calls it a pissing war), and the other one (DH and I disagree; he likes and I find faults with the house).

The only thing we finally agree on is getting the girls out of this mean school district before the start of school in the fall. He and I both feel that the girls need truly an enviroment where teachers and students are more friendly and kind to each other.

There is only one house that my DH totally loves and I find faults in. So, I emailed him this morning. He hates getting written opinions from me. Yet, its the only way he listens. Go figure. I know I will get a response out of him.

Enough of my Saturday Screaming disappointment lecture. Have you noticed anything about my blog? What do you thinkg about it? I am still working on the appearance. Let me know! Seriously, my six steady readers I do take your opinions seriously. It may take a few days to a week for me to get the text readable but I did get it done.

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