Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 9 Thursday Ultrasound day

When I made this appointment earlier this week. I tried to make it for first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, they couldn't make it until afternoon which means while I am typing this I have to shovel food down my throat until 6:30 am. Then nothing and I mean nothing to eat until after 2 pm today. I can drink water or gatorade until the test. The test is at 1 pm. Its going to be fun until then. Starting at 1 pm I have drink one whole bottle of water 16 oz. Then at noon another 16 oz and no pottying until after the test. Supposedly we do this naturally and even hold our pee-pee up to three hours without thinking about. the only reason the test is so hard is because we are actually thinking about it. Don't you love physic 101.

Today nothing really going on other than trying to finish my ex-students stuff. Uploading a necklace for background information on the weave.

You need a supper idea try my healthy blog from yesterday.

I have a contest. See below.

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Lorell said...

I hate it when the doctor makes you fast...ugh! Try not to get too hungry!