Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 13 Friday Footloose Dance

does the title take you back to 80's? Geez, I loved that movie, and the soundtrack. something about fighting the system, great music choice, and helping others overcoming is great.Why that movie came to mind? I don't know. Geez, my age is showing. Let me go find some concealer and cover up the fact that...I'm older than I look and feel. Shhh...don't tell my southernbell roots that I admitted that. My ancienters will rollover in their graves and haunt me. I got enough charma to worry about I don't need any bad assistance if you get my drift.

Now for my youngest. We tried the new medicine. The youngest was complaining about the kidney area of the back hurting. I am going to speak to the nurse at the specialist office. I think having kidney pain maybe a serious side affect of the medicine. Not a good sign. I am also checking the paperwork sent home from the pharmacy the other day.

I got a compliment from my DH last night. He said that the spaghetti made with whole wheat angel hair pasta was really good. So, in fact, that he was glad tonight was just us, his kids and wife night, no other family around. He said there was something about just being together and quiet that was nice. He said that he has gotten to were he can't handle the high rich food from resturants like he use to when he worked for the other company in the south. He thanked me for the good food. I haven't had that type of attention from him in awhile.

Tonight is baseball at the diamondbacks staduim. We won't be making the lifehouse free concert tomorrow. We will be spending time with his parents before they leave.

My oldest drew these cool flowers. They are bright and cheery, and very much what other digital scrappers are looking for. I am going to publish the work of art as kit. Credits for the design going to my odd. My odd totally gets the art side from me. My original goal in life was to be a graphic artist with a minor in children's illustration. So, I see me in my oldest.

A very special shout out to my friend Gennifer. Thank you for your kind gift of software! I will have more on that gift later..Right now THANK YOU GENNIFER.

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