Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 17 Home Inspection

If any of you know, what this is then you will know what is happening today. Today is the day that we find out if there is anything wrong with the house we have put an offer in on, applied for our loan, and have started planning on how we are going to do set stuff up in. Luckily, DH, his mother, and his father will be doing that without me and the kids. THank goodness.

Now, I will post pictures in a seperate post because I am missing half of my pictures. One our point, shoot ran out of batteries, said backup batteries had no go-go juice, and I restored to have my cell phone camera work instead. Rule number one in photography always remember a back up to the back up. You never know when first few back up plans will fail. Remember to fully charge said cell phone with a camera because snapping shots sucks battery life down fast. Remember that not all family members love you snapping shots consantly!

I will have a ranting and raving post about my kids medical/health insurance crisis in the next few days. I will fore warn you it may be a bit nasty, and hilirous at the same time. I might use a few choice words in it simply because I so ticked off right now.

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