Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 15 Wednesday Wonder

of why my mil would invite herself to my oldest kids dental appoint to have sealants put on her teeth, and to teeth extracted on the bottom. When, she promised the younger one to spend time with younger one alone during this proceedure. Needless, to say, my youngest child got really p.o.d. about it. Have you ever seen a five year old go from perfectly happy to raging tornado of emotions of one second? I have its not a pretty sight. I will quote the drunk gentleman who we ran into at the mall where Toby Keith's resturant is at, "I don't want to get in that child's way. Thank God, its only telling someone to stop or it might actual be a child that could hurt someone." Expect I had the child's tanturm for over an hour from when my mil broke her word the younger silbing. I had to threaten my youngest with an immediate straight bed order if the child didn't behavior for the child's Aunt and Papa. We gave strict warnings to Papa that the younger was not in the mood to have tricks pulled on the child.

Needless to say, mil presences wasn't really necessary. This dentist that we go to, is awesome. They had my child laughing through the two proceedures. They called to check on the child later that evening. Needless, to say my child is getting a prize from the mil and got two $5 bills from the tooth fairy because of the child being a good patient.

As for my creativity yesterday, I finished my make mine mini week 1 class assignement and uploaded to the class sight. I hope they like it. Now to schedule my creativity into the remaining week.

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jen allyson said...

Yay! So excited that you're being so creative every day! I made the cutest heart-shaped doughnuts last night. I took pics and cant wait to post them on my blog!