Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday cake for a teacher

So, the pictures are out of order. This is what it looked like this morning waiting on the teacher to come see it.

This is my refrigrator waiting for delivery.

So, I havent' fallen of the face of the earth. I have been busy doing this for a teacher's birthday today. So, here you go..everything but the cupcake wrappers are eatible. Yes, I said eatible.
Stop drooling all over your computer screen. Like it?
I got the idea from the Hello cupcake book currently on the market it.
Need an idea for a party. It totally rocks out!


Nicole LeBlanc said...

It turned out SO cute! I be your teachers were SO excited!

Katherine said...

The "candles" are edible? What are they made of? Red licorice?

mean mom productions said...

candle are out of red vine and banana rut candy..just cut the candles shorter than I did.

Anonymous said...

That looks really cool. Looks yummy too :-)