Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday..I can't move today

Seriously, I am so soar..see my for more details.

I got all my to do list done but the job application and laminating a new banner for the teacher.

Today....I don't know about today. I did start reading the Naked Dragon.


Anonymous said...

I liked Naked Dragon. It did take a while to get into but it had some really funny moments. I'm not soar but I'm pretty tired. I spent yesterday watching my 3 godbabies (twin 4yr olds and a 3yr old). Wore me out!

Stephanie G

mean mom productions said...

I'm on chapter 4 or 3 can't remember which at the moment. i usually read while waiting for school to get out or during the kids mandatory reading time at the house for school.

Kids will do that to you!