Friday, May 21, 2010

More Prayers needed for Bret Michaels

Okay, so, my dh comes to bed last night. He was totally shocked to learn that Bret Michaels had a stroke.
I was like dude, this has been going on for the last 6 weeks.
Where have you been my tamed lion?
He was like seriously?
I was like would like me to give you the cliff notes.

Cliff notes had his appendix out, then had the brain hemmorage got release, interviewed by Oprah, and now a stroke...what else did you say he had going on.

A hole in his heart..

that too. Don't forget he has always had health issues from his diabetes. Though, I don't think diabetes played a role in the lastest health stuff.

Man, that sucks. Did you know he was receiving treatment not far from us.

What do you mean not far from us? If you mean a few hours car ride, then yes, I heard the rumors. Though, until they actual say where the treatment center is, I don't believe rumors.

Did you know he had kids?

Yup, they are the same age as ours.




I'm tired..

I'm already have way to sleep land.

goodnight sweets


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