Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thank you to everyone that Voted!

so, I got curious to see if anyone had voted for me. I could have broken down in tears for joy. My friends did vote for me. I was so touched and am still touched. If you have seen what I am talking about go to the link below.


Note-you can vote again every 24 hours for my blog interview.

Last night I almost read the entire Silver Born book by Patricia Briggs. Expect my brain literary shut down and refused to work at some point last night. I found myself curled up like a wolfe and blissfully content when one of the wee ones joine me in the bed. I am sure my dreams were filled with the possible ends of the book. My Dh said his dreams were weird. He said we argued, he said I brought a reality television into our lives. I almost wanted to playfully do the ncis head slap thing but he seemed generally shaken by all the different nightmares. He even said, we left each other. We have made a solid promise even if things get bad not to break our vows and get divorce. We are putting our kids formost first. I think he is so stressed right now by work, and the water thing that is happening in our area.

If you pray, then you need to lift up our town in prayer. We will be confronting the water company tomorrow night. They do not provide good service and wish for us to pay $300.00 a month on top of the already expensive monthly rate we pay.

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