Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Remember yesterday's list?

Deweed the backyard-1 hour

Delete files off my computer to scan documents-1 hour

scan documents-3 hours still not finished

clean bathrooms- 2hours each bathroom looks like a cleaning service did it at a hotel. Seriously, clean folks.

pick kids up from school-15 minutes wait in car pool line

hit the park after school for some play time-40 minutes

come home-done

dinner-an hour to cook and 30 minutes to clean up from

baths- 40 minute baths

bed-yup...slept okay

I'm so tired. No kidding..everything hurts
10k with cross training
doctor's office for letter for my kids to receive gatorade
clean up kitchen more

Maybe tonight, Dh and I can start the dvd of lost season 2


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