Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3rd is birthday day

for two major people in my lives. My Dh wound up being my mil birthday present ...heckum back in the day. If I even mention the age, both my dh and mil will probably roll their eyes at me, and go why did you have to mention it publicly. Oh, wait, you never listen etc..So, since it is their birthday today I will respect their wishes this once..

So, here is my message to anyone trying to reach me today that's if you have reached my vip status and know how to reach me other than email...but everyone is a vip in my world I mean royality family member status. Not being mean or hurtful. Just that I do treasure my family time and my limited privacy I have right now..

you have meanmomdigitalproductions. I am currently away from electronic gear and can not reply to any forms of communications as I am "slaving" over a hot stove and oven making my Dh his birthday request. My famous enchildas with lots of cheese, ground turkey, refired beans, and tortillas. Not to mention getting ready for the easter bunny, egg hunting and dying, and the tale of the never ending adventure of dirty laundry...

I'll catch you later my vips, and enjoy your easter candy. As I hope that the bunny brings my candburry cream eggs not just to eat but to save one for my kids teacher as a teacher appreciation gift.

Please be sure to click on over on the link in the post about the interview and contest. I would dearly love to win some prizes and maybe be able to pass them on those in my community.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great Easter! Today is actually my dad's birthday. After all this talk of enchildas I think he will be getting Mexican food for his birthday dinner :-)


ck.twilighter said...

Awwwe!! You are so sweet to slave over the stove for your dear hubby!!=)

Happy Birthday wishes!!=)