Saturday, April 3, 2010

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Remember Vanda from earlier in the series, she was in the first book How to Marry a Millionaire Vamp, the second book Vamps in the City, the fifth book All I want for Christmas is a Vampire. Well, its her turn to get hit by cupids arrow. Not only does she get hit with cupids arrow but remember Phil the werewolf working the the security company. OH, yeah did the boy grow up to become such a gentlemen werewolfe. Don't forget the action packed fight against the evil vampires. Hee...heee...again I couldn't put the book down. A definite A + for Kerrelyn Sparks.
I'd love the honor of Mrs. Spark to turn me into a character. I'd love to see how she would describe me or maybe I wouldn't. My DH already thinks of as quirky and weird to an extinct. Though, I'd definitely like to see what someone would describe me as though. I alwasy get a kick out of people's point of view.
Psst, please scroll down to the interview post, click the link and vote for my interview. I just want to end up on the to 15 interviews that all.

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ck.twilighter said...

Look forbidden indeed but aren't those the best times!!=) hehehehe!!